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LULAC Remembers Rene Guzman

Nation’s Oldest and Largest Latino Civil Rights Organization Honors Texas Community Leader Who Inspired Goodwill

Rene Guzman

Washington, DC - The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) today issued the following statement on the passing of Rene Guzman who died January 20, 2020 at the age of 53 in Corpus Christi, Texas.

“Great lives are not always measured in time alone but in the good those who live them do for others with the time they have been given and this is the constant tribute being spoken about Rene since we learned about his loss,” says Sindy Benavides, Chief Executive Officer. “As a LULAC member, Rene took every day and every opportunity to mentor youth, embrace everyone around him and he did it always with a huge smile matched only by his huge heart. There’s no question this is why he was so beloved and respected by those blessed to have known him. We will miss his laughter, his passion and his kindness but we will treasure what he taught us --- make use of every opportunity and every moment to help build up, not tear down, inspire not criticize and lift up not crush those whose lives we touch. Rest in peace our dear friend.”

“Corpus Christi is where LULAC was born and the death of Rene Guzman marks another milestone in our history in that community and everywhere we work each day on behalf of justice for Latinos,” says Domingo Garcia, National President. “Rene is someone I got to know because he was presente at every major state and national convention always as a leader interested in how LULAC could do more to serve the needs of our people. Our organization is stronger today because of his voice and his commitment to make sure that every person is treated with respect and accepted fully including the LGBTQ brothers and sisters of LULAC. His example encourages us all to do as much as we can every day to speak out, defend those who can’t defend themselves and never stop until our last breath to do what’s right. That is what Rene did and I am honored to have known and worked with him.”

“The loss of Rene leaves a big void in our hearts and in the civil rights movement in Texas,” says Rodolfo Rosales, State Director, Texas LULAC. “His huge giving spirit always caused others around to want to do more in their own lives and for others, no matter their age or place in life. He changed how people felt just by acknowledging them and being sincerely interested in their needs, their concerns, their dreams. LULAC is better today because of his contributions, especially because Rene reminded us that there is beauty and strength in our diversity and that every human being deserves to be respected and embraced equally no matter who they love or with whom they share their lives. I will miss my friend and Texas LULAC will too but we are committed to continue his legacy and to do so with la sonrisa, the smile and goodwill he taught us. We love you and will never forget you.”

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The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) is the nation’s largest and oldest Latino civil rights volunteer-based organization that empowers Hispanic Americans and builds strong Latino communities. Headquartered in Washington, DC, with 1,000 councils around the United States and Puerto Rico, LULAC’s programs, services and advocacy address the most important issues for Latinos, meeting critical needs of today and the future.