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Nation's Oldest and Largest Latino Civil Rights Organization Says Trey Kraemer Forced Latino Honor Students to Remove Their Mexican-Themed Stoles Before They Walked Across the Graduation Stage

June 1, 2023
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Washington, DC - The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) has called for the immediate termination of Trey Kraemer, Assistant Superintendent of High Schools for Humble Independent School District in Houston, Texas. The organization's demand follows an incident this past weekend involving 20 Latino students from Summer Creek High School who were denied the right to wear their Mexican-themed stoles during their graduation ceremony.

A stole carries a personally meaningful recognition or accomplishment typically draped around a student's neck. The students' stoles at Saturday's event were brightly colored, resembling a sarape, shawl, or blanket worn as a cloak in Latin America. The stoles serve as symbols of cultural pride and academic accomplishment and are often worn at high school and university graduation events.

"LULAC demands that Mr. Kraemer be terminated for his mistreatment of our youths who were singled out and shamed instead of being praised for their academic accomplishments," said Domingo Garcia, LULAC national president. "His actions prove he isn't fit to be an administrator in a public school. LULAC calls out Mr. Kraemer for his racist denial of our culture and his white privilege act of ripping away the symbol of how these students see themselves. LULAC demands the school board of Humble ISD investigates and acts upon this incident immediately," added Garcia.

Dr. Sergio Lira, Houston-area LULAC president, expressed his outrage that such a discriminatory act could occur in 2023 in Houston, Texas. "What is so outrageous about what Mr. Kraemer did is that he only targeted our kids, no one else. This wasn't just one Latino student, but rather, nearly two dozen young men and women who represent the very highest level of educational achievement in the entire school!"

Judy Bautista, a Spanish teacher at Summer Creek High School for seven years and the sponsor of the Spanish National Honor Society Club, recorded a viral video after the incident. In the video, she explained that she could no longer accept the lack of support for the students and subsequently resigned. Ms. Bautista had purchased the stoles and given them to the students in recognition for their hard work and sacrifice.

"We had permission to wear the stoles two weeks ago," said Bautista. "Yet, when the students approached the stage, they (administrators) didn't tell them anything. They just snatched them away. These stoles were for 100 hours of community service. This district is very discriminatory and racist," she added, highlighting the long-standing issues within Humble ISD.


LULAC stands in solidarity with the affected students and their families, demanding justice and respect for their cultural heritage. The organization urges Humble ISD to thoroughly investigate the incident and take immediate action to address the discriminatory behavior displayed by Assistant Superintendent Trey Kraemer. LULAC believes that every student, regardless of their background, deserves equal treatment and recognition of their accomplishments in an inclusive and supportive educational environment.



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