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Nation's Oldest and Largest Latino Civil Rights Organization Says It Is Delivering on the Pledge to Fight Voter Suppression Ahead of 2024 Election

September 16, 2023
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Washington, DC - In a historic moment for Latino voters in Arizona, LULAC has scored a groundbreaking court ruling that strikes a decisive blow against voter suppression. The court's decision addresses the legality of two Arizona laws, H.B. 2243 and H.B. 2492, which aimed to amend provisions regulating voter registration under Title 16 of the Arizona Revised Statutes. These laws, effective since January 1, 2023, required heightened proof of citizenship and residency and mandated severe consequences if registrants couldn't provide such proof.

"LULAC is winning the battle for voting rights, and this historic decision in Arizona is only the first," said Domingo Garcia, LULAC National President. "Let this be the clarion call for justice in the federal courts of Texas, Iowa, Florida, and anywhere else where election fixers try to deny us our constitutional rights!"

LULAC's unwavering commitment to fighting voter suppression and ensuring fair elections is bearing fruit. This monumental victory underscores the organization's dedication to defending the democratic rights of Latinos across the United States. The court's decision declared unlawful multiple key Determine Proof of Citizenship (DPOC) and Determine Proof of Residency (DPOR) requirements:

  • DPOC requirement to vote in presidential elections,
  • DPOC requirement to vote by mail,
  • DPOR requirement for federal form applicants,
  • DPOR for state form applicants is significantly scaled back; in addition to permitting proof sufficient for voter I.D. at polls, voters can provide any tribal I.D. and, in some circumstances, can use a written affidavit attesting residence,
  • Monthly database checks/registration purges are prohibited within 90 days of an election,
  • Arizona must continue to abide by the LULAC v. Reagan consent decree and register state form applicants without DPOC to a federal-only list,
  • Denying registration solely on state form applicants omitting the citizenship checkmark box is prohibited,

This landmark decision reaffirms the fundamental right to vote for all eligible citizens and sends a powerful message that attempts to suppress voters' voices will not be tolerated.

"This is a great day in Arizona where the cry for freedom from fear of having our votes denied has been heard loud and clear," said Lydia Guzman, Arizona LULAC State Director. "We celebrate that in our state, where Latinos are an integral part of the history of Arizona, our views and votes will have a decisive impact in 2024. Not just for what happens in our state, but America."

"Let no one doubt the power of LULAC in 2024. Our community is witnessing one of the most critical decision points in our history, and every one of our votes is vital," says Ray Mancera, LULAC National Vice President for the Southwest. "We are in action and determined to fight for the right to every lawful vote to which we are entitled. This is our country, too, earned through blood, sweat, and tears."


"LULAC calls upon all Latinos across the country and Puerto Rico to rise up, register, mobilize, and vote," says Garcia. "The battle for voting rights is far from over, but with determination, unity, and the strength of the law on our side, we will prevail. Together, we can ensure that every voice is heard, and every vote counts as we approach the critical 2024 election. LULAC stands at the forefront of this fight, ready to defend the rights of Latino voters across the nation, and this historic Arizona ruling is just the beginning,' he adds.



The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) is the nation's largest and oldest Hispanic civil rights volunteer-based organization that empowers Hispanic Americans and builds strong Latino communities. Headquartered in Washington, DC, with 1,000 councils around the United States and Puerto Rico, LULAC's programs, services, and advocacy address the most important issues for Latinos, meeting the critical needs of today and the future. For more information, visit https://lulac.org/