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Nation's Oldest and Largest Latino Civil Rights Organization Is Present for the Name Change Honoring America's first Latino Army 4-Star General, Richard E. Cavazos

May 9, 2023
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Washington, DC - The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) issued the following statement coinciding with the unveiling of Ft. Cavazos at 9 AM, Central Time, the moment in history when the nation for the first time has a military base named after a Latino.

Domingo García – LULAC National President
"LULAC is proud of this achievement on behalf of the U.S. Army's first Latino four-star General, a true hero who served our country with honor and distinction as an example to many other Latino men and women. General Cavazos earned his place in our nation's military history and deserved to be memorialized. Further, his story must be shared with future generations as an instructive example of leadership and valor. General Cavazos devoted 33 years of his life in service to our country with numerous honors for gallantry, including the Silver Star earned in combat during decisive battles in the Korean War. We are honored to be present and participating at this moment that stands as a tribute to a brave warrior and a testament to the contributions of Latino military servicemembers worldwide."

Roman Palomares – LULAC Military and Veterans Affairs Committee Chair
"LULAC is elated that the home of the Army's largest military installation will now carry the name of a Latino. This change marks a historic moment in our country in recognizing a soldier who served at a great personal sacrifice. Time and again, he rose to meet and overcome the greatest tests in his service, even in the face of possibly losing his life in combat for others. LULAC will continue to urge the Army to promote worthy Latino leaders into the officer ranks, including at the highest levels. Service to God and Country was a hallmark belief in General Cavazos' life, and those of us privileged to know him were struck by the power of his dignified humility. There is no greater reward for an individual's life than to be remembered for selflessness as the motivator for future generations."

Jorge Haynes – LULAC Author of Ft. Cavazos National Resolution, Co-Founder LULAC Council 777
"I could not be happier that our nation is honoring General Cavazos. Having known him and his family for many years, I was privileged to write the document and work with the team that led the charge. At first, I had to admit that the battle looked tough, but we prevailed thanks to LULAC's perseverance. This tribute was not for us, but for our community, so Latinos can stand tall and feel pride that one of ours will be honored."

Analuisa Tapia – LULAC National Sergeant-at-Arms and District Director, Killeen, Texas
"This base naming is an exclamation point in our country's military history that will inspire untold numbers of Latino men and women in the years to come as they carry out their service careers. LULAC members here in Killeen, the community of Ft. Cavazos, feel a deep connection to this namesake established for an individual who lived with honor and integrity and believed in loyal service to our nation. We cheer and say with pride, que viva our first-ever four-star Latino General, el General Ricardo Cavazos!"



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