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Nation's Oldest and Largest Latino Civil Rights Organization Says Confirmation Victory Opens the Way for Diversity and Inclusion Within a Powerful Decision-Making Agency

September 7, 2023
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Washington, DC – LULAC says this is a momentous occasion that underscores the significance of diversity and inclusivity in American leadership and wholeheartedly celebrates the confirmation of Anna Gomez as Commissioner to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Ms. Gomez's confirmation marks a historic milestone, as she becomes the first Latina to hold this esteemed position in more than two decades. LULAC extends its warmest congratulations to Commissioner Gomez for this well-deserved achievement.

Domingo Garcia, LULAC's national president, expressed his sentiments on this historic occasion, stating, "LULAC congratulates Commissioner Gomez on her appointment to the FCC at a time when historic advances in digital technology are impacting every aspect of our lives, and Latinos must be at the table when these decisions are made. Her skills and experience have earned Ms. Gomez this position, and LULAC is poised and ready to work with her on the critical issues at hand which the FCC oversees."

The U.S. Senate's resounding 55-43 vote to confirm Anna Gomez as an FCC Commissioner is a testament to her remarkable qualifications and dedication to advancing critical communications policies. Gomez, a seasoned veteran in the field with an impressive track record, currently serves as a communications policy adviser for the State Department. Her expertise and commitment to the public interest make her an invaluable addition to the FCC. This confirmation also holds immense significance for the future of telecommunications and broadband regulation in the United States. With Gomez taking her place as the third Democratic seat on the five-member commission, the FCC is now restored to full strength.

Lupe Torres, LULAC's national vice president for women, echoed these sentiments, emphasizing the long-needed nature of Commissioner Gomez's confirmation. She remarked, "The confirmation of Commissioner Gomez is long overdue and signals to the power brokers of Washington that Latinas are presente, qualified, and ready to lead and collaborate on the critical technological and communications issues of our times. We salute Commissioner Gomez and look forward to meeting with her in the near future."

Gomez's confirmation is vital to reinstating essential safeguards, such as net neutrality regulations that prohibit internet service providers from blocking or throttling content. Moreover, it opens the door for the FCC to engage in more vigorous oversight of the telecommunications sector, aligning with President Biden's 2021 executive order, which called for the possibility of imposing stricter utility-style regulations under Title II of the Communications Act of 1934.

LULAC is eager to collaborate with Commissioner Gomez in addressing the pressing issues that lie ahead, and we remain committed to advocating for the interests and well-being of the Latino community and all Americans in the realm of communications policy. This historic moment is a shining example of the progress we can achieve when we prioritize diversity and expertise in our leadership.




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