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Nation's Oldest and Largest Latino Civil Rights Organization Calls for Federal Investigation and Disciplinary Action Against Officers Who Misinformed Latinos

April 18, 2023
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Washington, DC - The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) issued the following statement after ProPublica reported alleged police misconduct towards Latino drivers in New York State. An investigation by the nonprofit news agency uncovered years of deliberate omissions and misinformation by officers in Westchester County. Law enforcement intended to entrap Spanish-speaking drivers suspected of driving under the influence.

James Fukuda – LULAC National Vice-President for the Northeast
"It is unacceptable that law enforcement agencies wrongly inform Spanish-speaking drivers about their constitutional rights. This behavior not only displays a blatant disregard for the rights of individuals, but it also engenders distrust within communities and leads to a lack of cooperation with authorities. Law enforcement agencies must understand the importance of respecting the rights of all individuals and providing accurate information regarding those rights. Failure to do so only erodes further trust and cooperation between law enforcement and the communities they serve.

The U.S. Department of Justice must take immediate action to investigate possible official misconduct charges and civil rights violations under the color of law. Any individuals who have engaged in this behavior must be held accountable for their actions, and steps must be taken to ensure that it does not happen again. To build trust and foster cooperation between law enforcement and the communities they serve, it is essential that all individuals be treated with respect and dignity and that their rights are upheld and protected at all times.

It is not enough for law enforcement agencies to be held accountable for their actions; we must also speak out against official misconduct and demand better from those sworn to protect and serve our communities. We call on the public to express their strong opposition to lying while wearing a badge and to speak out against any behavior that undermines the trust and cooperation between law enforcement and the communities they serve. We can only ensure that our rights are respected and upheld and that justice is done for all through our collective efforts.

We also urge the public to get involved in their communities and tell law enforcement agencies they expect better. By engaging in constructive dialogue and working together towards common goals, we can build stronger, safer communities where everyone is treated with the dignity and respect they deserve. We must all do our part to hold law enforcement agencies accountable for their actions and demand that they uphold the highest standards of professionalism and integrity. Only then can we ensure that justice is served and that our communities are safe, secure, and fair for all."

Domingo García – LULAC National President
"LULAC demands that the DA immediately ask the courts to reopen all cases of the injustice of Latino defendants who were misled on their rights. The Miranda case and others have seen Latinos fight to protect the civil rights of all Americans. We ask the current DA and New York courts to do the same. We also will ask the New York Bar Association to investigate any misconduct by previous D.A.s."




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